Who Are We

You work hard for your money. It is important that your money works hard for you.

Our team of experienced independent Financial Planners will work alongside your accountant to assist you with all your financial planning needs.

As your accountant works with you to ensure your tax affairs are optimal. When it comes to your personal wealth there is far more to it than just tax planning. This is why we believe that in the same way you receive expert advice relating to your tax affairs and business management, you should ensure you receive expert financial planning advice from a qualified financial planner.

We will work with you to identify, quantify and bring to life your life goals, and assess any strengths or weaknesses in your current financial plan.

As well as establishing your financial plan we will advise you on making sure your loved ones, beneficiaries or your business is financially protected in the event of your death or serious illness to you or key people with your business.

Finally, we will ensure that together with the tax planning your accountant is providing, we will ensure that you are making use of allowances, exemptions and tax-planning opportunities to minimise your taxes.*

For more information or to arrange an initial conversation with an adviser please contact us or email info@tagfp.co.uk and one of our advisers will be in contact.

* Tax and estate planning services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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